NEWS FOR 02.25.2016

New releases available now:

THE FLEX - Flexual Healing VI: Live From The Paincave cassette
New England meets Olde England! Continuing their string of Flexual Healing cassettes, Painkiller is proud to offer Volume 6, "Live At The Paincave". On the last day of their massive summer 2015 US tour (and the morning after a double gig performance in Boston) the Flex rolled into the Paincave and ripped through their current live repertoire (10 songs!) with the kind of precision that can only come from over a month on the road together, playing every night. New and old songs get the Paincave treatment on this one. No redos or overdubs, just straight Flexin'.

MALCONTENT - Demo cassette
A solo offering from Kevin Anand (Chain Rank, Preschool Dropouts, etc.) who delivers four tracks of straight edge hardcore that are heavily indebted to Side By Side, War Zone's mid-80's prime, and the legendary Altercation demo. Those names get thrown around too often these days, but we can assure genre enthusiasts this is the real deal. No weak riffs or modern influences.

NO TOLERANCE - You Walk Alone cassette
Limited cassette pressing of No Tol's debut full length.

We also have some copies of the UK pressing of the No Tolerance LP from Quality Control HQ, as well as the Rival Mob "Hardcore For Hardcore" LP on QCHQ and a bunch of other great new releases -- Firewalker demo, Rival Mob "If You Listen To Fools..." tour tape, Conmen 7", Blood Pressure LP and more!


WOUND MAN LP (members of Rival Mob, Breathing Fire)

ARMS RACE LP (split release with La Vida Es Un Mus)


BREAKDOWN - '87 Demo LP (split release with 540)

+ more!